Monday, August 10, 2009


After a while of reading other trading card blogs (Wax Heaven, A Cardboard Problem, Night Owl Cards), I thought I'd give it a try by posting my pack breaks to a blog.

I"m normally a one pack a day breaker, but sometimes when I'm feeling good I'll open two in a day. Many wonder how I can be so patient, I just tell them it allows me to enjoy the cards more because I only have to see a few a day. I'm one who wonders how those "rabid rippers" do things - they'll buy a box, rip it in an hour or two, and then have a mess of wrappers to throw away, cards to sort, and hits to put in toploaders. Do they really enjoy their cards when they are faced with a stack of tens or hundreds of cards that they opened in a short timeframe?

Because of the fact it's a pain for me to fire up the scanner (boot up an old Win95 machine with my flatbed scanner attached), I'll post scans of the hits and of any base cards that I think are extraordinary or neat. Most cards will just be listed.

If I'm busy working, there may be just one pack or no packs busted. I plan on trying to open two packs a day often and not do one or no packs most days. Whatever packs I do open, the contents will be listed on this blog.

I just started this blog a few minutes ago so I also have to learn how to configure my blog and set up pictures and so on.

Enjoy as I rip open packs, mostly towards the goal of base-set building.

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