Friday, October 9, 2009

October 8, 2009 - 1993 Leaf and 2009 American Heritage Heroes

I thought I'd go old-school and start up a box of 1993 Leaf Series 1 - 36 packs - 14 cards per pack - this box was $10 delivered when I recently bought it. There are 36 packs in the box and I'll probably only open a partial box to get started because I don't think you want to see 36 straight days of 1993 Leaf Series 1! ;) I think the cards are cool with the gold Leaf ribbon embossing on the front, cityscapes on the back, and rainbow foil embossing of the team logo on the back. I wonder if this was one of the first baseball cards to feature rainbow foil embossing, something that is more common nowdays than it probably was in the early 1990's as sportscards started to get fancier.

I'll list teams with the players since I'm sure a lot of us might not remember what team a player was with in 1993.

1993 Leaf

219 Pedro Munoz Twins
154 Lee Smith Cardinals
143 Darryl Kile Astros
132 Tommy Greene Phillies
189 Al Martin Pirates
3 Juan Guzman Blue Jays
24 Randy Tomlin Pirates
35 Mike Piazza Dodgers
46 Fred McGriff Padres
120 Checklist - photo appears to be Ken Caminiti sliding into 2nd base and a Giants player (Robby Thompson?) dropped the ball and is chasing after it to keep Caminiti at 2nd
45 Glenn Davis Orioles
36 Brent Mayne Royals
27 Julio Franco Rangers
18 Albert Belle Indians

2009 American Heritage Heroes

82 George Marshall - Diplomat
98 Rachel Carson - Author
111 Seneca Falls Convention
87 Silas Deane - Diplomat
26 Jackie Robinson - Civil Rights Hero
75 Helen Keller - Humanitarian
141 Abraham Lincoln - Barack Obama shortprint
HJ-5 Heroes Journey - Abraham Lincoln

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