Friday, July 23, 2010

July 21, 2010 - 2009 Tristar Prospects Plus and 2010 Topps Series 2

2009 Tristar Prospects Plus - final pack of the box.

90 Position Prospects - infielders - Robert Borchering, Jiovanni Mier, Nick Franklin, Matthew Davidson
39 Jeffrey Kobernus
44 Tommy Joseph
53 William Myers
41 Everett Williams
56 Max Stassi

To summarize the box with regards to Strasburg, I did not pull a base card or base parallel from this box, but I did pull one of his Obak update card versions. I have one more box left to open at some point so at least I'll have a chance of pulling the base card to add to my collection.

2010 Topps Series 1

174 Mike Gonzalez
1 Prince Fielder
119 Wilkin Ramirez
18 Tim Stauffer
57 CC Sabathia
127 Hank Blalock
257 Bobby Crosby
179 Ryan Spilborghs
247 Andre Ethier
Cards Your Mom Threw Away - 2006 Topps Alex Gordon
Tales of the Game - Manny Ramirez - Manny Being Manny
ToppsTown Andrew McCutchen

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