Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 2, 2010 - 2008 Goudey and 2009 Topps Updates/Highlights Boxtopper

Turns out the Sept 30th posting was the final 1993 Leaf Series 1 pack. No hits in the box (i.e. the Frank Thomas auto).

For the next few days, I will continue working towards the completion of the 2008 Goudey box as well as open up some box toppers that I found in a stack of cards to be filed away that were somehow not opened along with the box.

2009 Topps Updates/Highlights Rookie Chrome Refractor Card Boxtopper

CHR39 Neftali Feliz

2008 Goudey

11 Chipper Jones
193 Troy Glaus
89 Alex Gordon
69 Curtis Granderson
104 Prince Fielder
124 Hideki Matsui
46 Sparky Anderson
224 Mike Schmidt SP

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