Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 8, 2009 - 2009 UDX and 2008 UD Series 2

2008 UD Series 2:

608 Brad Lidge
576 Ryan Church
667 Rocco Baldelli
698 Aaron Boone
560 Livan Hernandez
677 Ramon Vazquez
519 Brandon Backe
501 Marcus Thames
563 Pat Neshek
589 Robinson Cano
758 Carlos Zambrano - Cubs Checklist
442 Carlos Zambrano
472 Josh Barfield
471 Norris Hopper
497 Carlos Guillen
450 Geovany Soto
714 Hiroki Kuroda
709 Scott Kazmir - Season Highlights
763 Victor Martinez - Indians Checklist
USA-SG Scott Gorgen National Team Jersey

I'd say a pretty good pack -- weird to get Carlos Zambrano back-to-back in the pack (even though one was a checklist). I like the Neshek - i'll have to get it 'graphed if I got that card in my first box for my set. I am concerned about the Gorgen Jersey as that makes it two packs I"ve opened and two packs with hits. that only leaves like one more pack out of the next 14 with a hit if I recall the number of hits per box correctly. It's going to be a lot of packs with just cards to help me build my set and no hits unless there is a hot box possibility that I don't know about.

2009 UDX

26 Victor Martinez
15 Rich Harden
21 Jermaine Dye
27 Travis Hafner
28 Kerry Wood die-cut parallel
X3-JR - Xpotential Jimmy Rollins

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