Monday, January 11, 2010

January 2010 - First 3 scans of packs of a new box

I've scanned the first three packs I opened of a new box that I started a few days ago. The product is 1996 Topps Laser Series 1, a product that was released during my hobby hiatus and then brought to my attention on the Wax Heaven (RIP) blog a while back. It's a great product in that boxes must have cost over a $100 when new (since packs supposedly were $5 each) but boxes can be found nowdays for under $20.

January 7th pack:

January 8th pack:

January 9th pack:

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  1. I should note gold foil looks a little green-ish (or maybe more like oxidized copper color). I will have to figure out what settings I may have to do to get gold foil to look more gold colored.