Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 9, 2010 - 2005 Donruss Champions

I'm still working on scanning the packs of the new box I started a few days ago. I hope I can have them up tomorrow.

I did manage to scan some of the wrappers I've saved from prior box breaks and that appears as the new banner to this blog. It is a pretty exciting to lay down the wrappers on the scanner glass, not know what it will look like since you can't see what the scanner sees when you arrange the wrappers, and then wait until the scanner finishes to see what the image looks like and be amazed that it seemed to come out better than expected!

Since I finished a 2009 Piece of History box, I've decided to start another Black Friday 2009 box special, 2005 Donruss Champions.

In the first pack I opened:

148 Rickey Henderson
3 Albert Pujols
95 Dennis Tankersley
211 Casey Fossum
215 Pedro Martinez
336 Mark Grace
444 Geoff Jenkisn
441 Steve Carlton - Impressions - not numbered

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